Second NEWTON WorkShop

The second NEWTON workshop was held attached to the European Planetary Science Congress in Geneva last September. The WorkShop, scheduled as SMW1.10, took place on Tuesday, 17th September, 10:30 - 12:00h in Room Ceres (Room 14). 

The meeting looked at the latest state-of-the-art regarding in-situ magnetometric instrumentation for planetary surface characterization and their application to planetary exploration. Three main talks given by experts from NEWTON consortium were planned during the workshop:

  • NEWTON project: brief introduction to NEWTON project, its activities and main technical objectives.
  • NEWTON instrument for planetary exploration: during this talk NEWTON instrument, based on the combination of complex susceptibility and magnetic field vector measurement was presented. The main tehcnical innovations gained from NEWTON were also described.
  • Examples of application. Scientific exploration of the Martian System and the Moon: this scientific talsk gave the opportunity to examine the exploitation opportunities of magnetometric instrumentation and its application to the future space exploration programs. The results gained from the field campigns performed with NEWTON instrumentation were exposed and the innovations provided by this new technology for the xploration of the Moon and Martian System were also discussed. 


NEWTON instrument is ready for the field

NEWTON instrument is almost ready for the field campaigns. NEWTON team has been working hard to integrate the instrumentation. This is the final result. You can find more information in the related deliverables available on DELIVERABLES page.


The first NEWTON workshop took place in Madrid, at INTA facilities, on the 22-24 October 2018. Different sessions were organized with the aim of discussing about the latest state-of-art regarding in-situ instrumentation for planetary surface characterization, with particular focus on magnetometric devices and their application to planetary exploration. In addition to this, the workshop served as a showcase to disseminate the activities developed within the NEWTON project and the latest advances regarding the design and validation of NEWTON instrumentation, as well as main outcomes gained from the first field campaigns performed with NEWTON multi-sensor instrument.

NEWTON workshop program consists on different sessions related mainly to magnetic instrumentation for in-situ planetary exploration. In addition to this, scientific sessions regarding Mars and the Moon Science were also included in the program. A practical demonstration with the hardware developed within the framework of NEWTON project took place the second day of the workshop. During this practical demonstration, the NEWTON instrument prototype 1 was shown to the participants and real time measurements were performed with different samples in the laboratory. In addition to this, part of the equipment used during the prospection campaigns on the field was also exhibited.  Finally, to conclude the program, a panel session was organized to discuss about the exploitation opportunities of magnetometric instrumentation and its application to the future space exploration missions. During this session, the participants could state their impressions regarding the benefits that magnetic instrumentation could bring to the Solar System exploration and the possibilities that this technology has in future space exploration programs.


NEWTON workshop included the participation of 18 people from NEWTON consortium and also from international external organizations such as Space Application Services from Belgium, Complutense University of Madrid from Spain and Czech Technical University from Czech Republic. A certificate of participation was distributed among the event attendees. 



 European Researchers Night 2018

One more year NEWTON project has participated in the European Researcher's Night of 2018 in which hundreds of events take place simultaneously in Europe and in neighbouring countries. This year the event took place on Friday 28 September, and NEWTON was presented at Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Cuatro Vientos, Madrid. The event was addressed to the general public, in particular to young children, and it consisted on a series of activities and demonstrations related to magnetism. NEWTON susceptometer was exhibited during the event as well as the part of the instrumentation used during the field campaigns. 

NEWTON Instrument Integration

The integration of NEWTON instrument is on-going. A face-to-face meeting took place in Madrid, 20 June 2018, with the aim of  integrating the different key-building blocks of NEWTON multi-sensor instrument, i.e. sensor unit, electronic control unit and power distribution unit.Currently, the effort is being devoted to the calibration and functional verification of the instruments. You can find more information in the related deliverables available on DELIVERABLES page.