Here you can find the different dissemination activities developed in the framework of NEWTON project.



  • General Informative NEWTON video

Project Events



Conferences and WorkShops

  • B. Langlais, et al., "New constraints on the dynamo timing and crustal magnetization on Mars from MAVEN observations", AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, December 2019. 
  • M. Díaz-Michelena, et al. "NEWTON novel magnetic instrument. Potential application to unveil key questions as the origin of Martian moon", 10th Moscow  Solar System Symposium, Moscow, Russia, October 2019.
  • J. L. Mesa, et al. "New  magnetometric devices for planetary exploration", 7th Magnetometer Workshop, Styria, Austria, September 2019.
  • M. Díaz-Michelen, et al., "NEWTON novel instrument for magnetic susceptibility on site characterisation", EPSC-DSP Joint Meeting 2019, Geneva, Switzerland, Septembet 2019. 
  • B. Langlais, "The evolution of the Martian Crustal Magnetic Field from MGS to MAVEN and Insight missions", Ninth International Conference on Mars, Pasadena , USA, July 2019.
  • M. Díaz-Michelena, et al., "High resolution tracing of ore mineralization in the Río Odiel and Río Tinto region (Spain) using NEWTON magnetic instrument". EGU General Assembly, April 2019.
  • R. Kilian, et al., "NEWTON: high resolution magnetic characterisation of the Lunar surface and sub-surface", Lunar Renaissance Conference, Brussels, February 2019. 
  • B. Langlais, "Magnetic field measurements", AGU Fall Meeting, Washington, D.C.,, EEUU, December 2018.

Organized Conferences and seminars

  • B. Langalis, "Des nouvelles du champ magnétique martien", Colloque Programme National de Planétologie, September 2018.
  • M. Díaz-Michelena, "Magnetometric Instrumentation for the Exploration of the Cosmos". Carnegie Mellon University. Friday, November 3, 2017.

Dissemination material